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11 Dec 2007 ... JMF limits will be shown for gradation control sieves, percent asphalt binder content, air voids, and VMA. Issuance of a Mixture Design Report ...


2 An integral part of mix design is determining the proper dust-to-asphalt ratio. Similarly, an integral part of mix production is the proper handling and control of dust throughout the process. Because 25-50% of the dust that is fed into

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Use an automatic or semi-automatic controlled mixing plant, commercially manufactured ... The JMF is allowed an asphalt content tolerance of plus or minus 0.3.

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Provide a certified QMS Asphalt Plant Technician or QMS Asphalt Mix Sampling Technician at each plant site at all times during production of material for the project. Perform all quality control operations and activities, testing, and data analysis by or under the direct supervision of a certified QMS Asphalt Plant Technician.

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Nov 9, 2019 — Troubleshooting the JMF THE ROAD TO SUCCESS IS PAVED WITH ASPHALT! ... into the mix at the asphalt plant, determining what that weight should be is ... Lab 101 Have some SOPs or Best Practices in place to handle ...


for Asphalt Construction Items for Quality Control/Quality Assurance Projects. Allow the ... When the hot mix plant shuts down for the winter, the samples may be discarded ... Submit the proposed JMF on forms provided by KDOT. Submit the ...

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ALmix manufactures a line of self-erecting hot mix silos designed for producers seeking total portability from their operations. Available in 35, 50, 70 and 80-ton sizes, the ALmix self-erecting silo allows hot mix storage to travel as easily as the rest of your plant.

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asphalt concrete Pavement, plant mixed into a uniformly coated mixture, laid on a ... (f) Aggregate Production Quality Control - Have a CAgT perform sampling and ... Use of substitute asphalt cement for these areas will not require a new JMF.


(JMF) are being achieved and that necessary adjustments provide the specified results. Do not begin daily plant operations unless the contractors’ Certified Asphalt Concrete Plant Technician (Level 2 or Level 3) is at the plant. When the plant is in operation, have a Certified Asphalt Concrete Plant Technician at the plant or jobsite.


Regulate the proportion for each component to produce a mixture within the limits of the job-mix formula (JMF) and having all particles coated with asphalt.


402.02 Quality Control. The HMA shall be supplied from a certified HMA plant in accordance with ITM 583; Certified Volumetric Hot Mix Asphalt Producer Program. The HMA shall be transported and placed according to a Quality

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The job mix formula (JMF) submittal is the mechanism to confirm that the mix being produced is in accordance with the project specifications. We’ll first define three types of mix designs. Dense-graded mixes are the most common. They incorporate well-graded aggregate and 5 to 6 percent asphalt binder (by weight of mix).

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Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA), at the contractor's option. [Link to Section 402] 402.02 Quality Control This Section sets the standards for contractor quality control. The first part relates to the production of the asphalt paving mix and requires that it be supplied from a Certified HMA Plant in accordance with ITM

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one or more courses of Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement (HMA) on an approved ... The Contractor shall submit for Department approval a JMF to the Central ... plant, plus a 9.5mm “fine” mix for shimming and where required, a non-RAP design for bridge decks. ... the Quality Control Plan for PGAB in accordance with AASHTO R 26 ...

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field practices—at the asphalt plant during mix produc tion and at the ... The importance of quality control on the part of the con ... Note: JMF = job-mix formula.

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